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Data Center Infrastructure

When entrusting critical technology and intellectual assets to a services provider, you expect the facilities to be exceptional. With the technology & standard deployment in our data center, we are confident that our Data Center will exceed your expectations.

Zajil Data Center facility rides on fully resilient backbone with diverse path connectivity and backed by fully redundant power and environmental systems. Our customer environments are monitored around the clock by certified network engineers and highly trained customer support staff.

Our data center services are designed around business efficiency. As a leading data center provider, we offer unique and customized infrastructure that match the industry standards for security, flexibility and reliability.

Zajil Data Center facility has the following features: {Kuwait}
Zajil Data Center infrastructure was built in compliance with the latest industry standards. The Facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and services ensuring high availability and redundancy. Our Data Center standards exceed the requirement criteria specified by most of our enterprise customers.

Building Description

  • Tier 2+ Data Centre
  • Single Story Steel with Masonry Exterior

Customer Area

  • Briefing and conference Room Facilities
  • Customer Kitchen and office space

Superior Security Facilities

  • On Site Personnel 24 x 7 around the year
  • 24x7x365 NOC Support Service
  • Electronic + Physical Security
  • Video Surveillance
  • Secure Shipping and receiving areas
  • Secure Storage for Clients

Power and Network Availability – Guaranteed

  • UPS with extended battery backups
  • Diesel Powered Generators with a large on site fuel supply
  • High Speed Network Connections
  • Redundancy against fiber cuts and electronic outages
  • Flexibility to offer various power configurations
  • Redundant network infrastructure (routers, firewalls,   switches) 
  • Redundant high speed fiber connectivity to the Public internet and support for private connectivity (OC3 – GE)

Environmental Systems Maintain Optimal Conditions

  • Temperature and Humidity controlled environment
  • Raised Floors in the Data Center with automated moisture detectors above and under the Floors.
  • VESDA Smoke and Heat Detectors
  • Compressed Gas and Fire Suppression Systems.