Zajil offers a range of security solutions to protect your valuable and confidential information. We make it our job to provide you with the expertise, services and solutions to secure your data based on your requirements. And for many of our customers, our hosted firewall service is the primary and vital component of security. Add to that our full support around the clock by a team of qualified Security Engineers. With our hosted firewall service there are no security compromises.
Here are the top benefits of the Hosted Firewall Service:
  • Complete Internet protection - real time defense against spam, viruses, spyware and intrusion attempts
  • 24/7 network monitoring - benefit from around the clock protection from Internet threats and attacks
  • On-going maintenance - on-going policy changes and configuration updates are provided by our team of accredited and qualified engineers
  • Network activity reports - understand more about your network and the traffic passing through it
  • Secure virtual private network management - implement safe and secure multi-site communications and deploy homeworking to reduce office costs
  • Deep packet inspection firewall - enjoy the best perimeter defense with an industry leading firewall platform
  • Customized web content filter - ensure your business complies with best business practices by prohibiting access to illicit websites