Zajil’s Backup and recovery service covers the critical need for any business to protect its data. Backup your data from desktops/laptops, file servers, databases, and virtual servers while overcoming bandwidth constraints and security risks, reliably and economically.

Developed to solve the challenges associated with traditional backup, Zajil’s backup service, equipped with integrated client-side data de-duplication, provide fast, daily full backups for enterprise applications, VMware environments, LAN/NAS systems, remote offices, and desktop/laptop systems. Zajil’s backup service reduces the size of backup data at the client—before it is transferred across the network and stored to disk. Unlike traditional backup, Zajil’s backup service delivers fast, daily full backups via existing IP networks in a fraction of the time.

Here are the top benefits of the Backup Service:

  • Simplified management - Zajil’s backup service provides an intuitive, Web-based management interface that provides the ability to monitor and manage a distributed deployment. It delivers an ―at-a-glance‖ dashboard that allows backup administrators to quickly assess the status of backups across all systems in a distributed environment.
  • Highly efficient data de-duplication - The method for determining segment size is a key factor in eliminating redundant data at a sub-file level. Some solutions on the market use fixed-length segments when performing data de-duplication. Zajil’s backup service solves this problem by examining the data to determine logical boundary points using variable length data segments. Zajil’s backup service delivers the most-efficient global, client-side data de-duplication on the market—dramatically reducing the amount of data sent and stored, while eliminating backup bottlenecks and increasing performance. The result is fast, daily full backups and replication via high speed MPLS networks, reduced infrastructure traffic, and significant backup storage savings.
  • Scalability, high availability, and reliability - Zajil’s backup service eliminates single points of failure by employing patented redundant array of independent nodes (RAIN) technology to provide high availability and fault tolerance across nodes in the Data Store. In addition, backup server and backup data integrity is verified daily to ensure recoverability.
  • Security - Zajil’s backup service uses encryption for data in-flight during that backup process, and can be optionally configured for data encryption at-rest.
    For in-flight encryption, public/private keys and self-signed certificates can be automatically generated by the system or alternately, you can generate the needed keys and certificate from a commercial or private certification authority. For at-rest encryption, a single encryption key is used for the data on all nodes within the system.
  • Complete Data Protection Management - Zajil’s backup service utilizes industry-leading data protection management software solution that automates data protection management across backup and replication. It allows customers to always know they can recover to their service levels, removing uncertainty and mitigating risk.