Global MPLS Services
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Global MPLS Services

To address the multi-point connectivity needs in the global economy, where connecting geographically dispersed offices, resources and stakeholders is critical, Zajil has the capability to deliver international connectivity for our high-speed data customers with Global MPLS Services.
It is secure and allows customers to share mission critical data, video and everything in between across scalable platform with high levels of security.
Traffic Engineering
Routing with Resource Reservation (RRR) allows Zajil to apply and enforce explicit routing, overriding the traditional IP forwarding techniques and provides fast restoration and protection mechanisms for their customers.
Zajil MPLS network is designed specifically for highly scalable solutions. Since they are provider-network-based, reducing the configuration and management requirements for the customer, it is easy to add new sites and change bandwidth, making budgeting for network growth simpler.
Within Zajil MPLS network, MPLS VPNs offer the same level of security as connection-oriented VPNs. Spoofing is nearly impossible, because the packets received from customers are IP packets that must be received on a particular interface or sub-interface to be uniquely identified with a VPN label.
Class of Service
Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms presents Zajil customers with a true end-to-end QoS solution, using Classes of Service (CoS) and priority queuing, so that the customer's network knows which traffic is most important and ensures that it takes priority over other traffic.