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When you need a flexible, cost-effective alternative for delivering IT services – in a way that complements existing systems, staff and process – Zajil Cloud Services can be an ideal solution.

We are one of the leading cloud service providers, relieving the stress of paying for assets while betting on business growth to offset costs. We take the guesswork out of capacity planning to avoid expensive over provisioning and risky under provisioning. With pay-as-you-go Zajil cloud service, IT expenses align with business activity.

Powered by six state-of-the-art Data Centers with embedded security and isolation features, Zajil’s Cloud Services are guaranteed with industry-leading service-level agreements of 99.9% uptime that you can count on.

You can trust Zajil Cloud Services on quality, performance, and security. Our cloud services give you control over an open-end computing environment hosted in a secured data center.