Data Backup
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Data Backup

Zajil’s “Backup as a Service” covers the critical need for any business to protect its data. By offering private or public cloud-based, on-site or off-site data backup services, we help you create and implement a plan that is designed to address your unique backup, retention and retrieval needs and to provide security-rich, around-the-clock access to information.
With a choice of scalable and flexible data backup service, you can reduce your total cost of ownership and better manage your compliance requirements. Data can be backed up from desktops, laptops, file servers, databases, and virtual servers; reliably and economically.
Zajil’s backup service reduces the size of backup data through the de-duplication process before it is transferred across the network and stored in Zajil's data center.
We help you save time and expense through centralized visibility, reporting and analytics through an intuitive, web-based management interface for streamlined backup and restore routines, thereby enabling your IT staff to focus on higher-priority projects.

Zajil’s backup service utilizes industry-leading data protection management software that automates data protection across backup and replication. Zajil’s backup service uses encryption for data in-flight during the backup process.
Zajil’s data backup service ensures the integrity of your data by taking a consistent copy in our data center within the country and optionally replicating this data via our high speed MPLS network to our dedicated caged environment in SunGard data Center in UK; one of the most prestigious data center facilities in the world, ensuring the security and reliability of your data.
Using cloud-based data protection solutions, Zajil can help you reduce your operating expenses, capital expense requirements and total cost of ownership. Our backup service features more predictable monthly operating expenses and reduced up-front capital expense requirements for software and hardware infrastructure.
Our cloud-based data backup service can also reduce costs related to the creation, management and off-site shipping of backup tapes.